Double Dave!

This is a public service announcement: To our viewing audience – stay tuned while we attempt to reanimate your host. Doc Gurley learned today that Dave Barry (himself!) answered two (count them, two) of her Dave Barry for President Forum questions, and, faced with a double Dave, she did what any self-respecting fan possessing a valid California medical license would do. She emitted a high-pitched squeal that only dolphins can hear, and swooned. Please do not adjust your dial. Regular programming will commence shortly, if somewhat breathlessly.*

Question #1 by Doc Gurley:

Q Your site asks me to “verify” my information before I submit a question. But in fact I can be any darn thing I want to be. I can be Ozzy, Obama, or even an ovary. I could be you. Where’s the quality control?

Answered 06/11/08 10:48:17 by Dave Barry

A: This site is equipped with special cameras, so when you submit a question, we can actually see you, Mr. Trump.

Question #2 by Doc Gurley:

Q Who’s vetting your veep?

Answered 06/11/08 10:47:04 by Dave Barry

A: I don’t know, but when the veep’s wife finds out about it, there will be trouble.

*So what does all this have to do with your health? Read the Doc Gurley What’s With The Categories? page to find out more about the Joy Habit – and why you should have one too.

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