Top 10 Health Lessons of 2009

Is there really any point in looking back? Other than as a yoga pose, that is? After all, shouldn’t we just cut our losses and hope no one notices the smell?

Hell, no. Here at Doc Gurley, Inc. Healthcare Industrial Complex, the tabloid elves have been hard at work, compiling the largest pile of, um, […]

Feeling A Tad Stressed?

If the holidays are making you feel as though your energy stores are being rapidly depleted, head over to Doc Gurley’s column at SFGate, Health for the Holidays: The 6 R’s of Self Care, for a 6-point, practical plan on how you can de-stress and improve your self-care this season. Because, let’s face it, […]

9 Ways Docs (including this one!) Stay Healthy While Traveling

Check out the Doc Gurley SFGate article on this topic, bursting with tips on how you and your loved ones can stay

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healthy this holiday season. H1N1, food-borne illnesses, falling behind on your exercise, deep-vein thromboses, “staycation” issues – it’s ALL covered in this comprehensive round-up of practical health advice. Feel free […]

5 Things To Do For Your Health This Month – July

Looking for your five simple things to do for your health this month? No wonder – when July arrives, we’re solidly into summer – the month brings sun, socializing, and, sometimes, stress. Here are five simple things you can do this month for your health. Check in every month, and, by the end of the […]

Five Things To Do For Your Health: May

Looking for your five things to do this month? Head over the SFGate for Doc Gurley’s five simple ways to promote your health this month. There’s no greater gift than the body you were born with – nurturing it all year is an important but often-neglected task. Check them out, then follow this Doc Gurley […]

The Poll Votes Are In!

If you had a chance to watch Grand Rounds LIVE!, you may be wondering what were the four different poll results. Here, for your reading pleasure, we’ve got the answers to the latest, greatest, hottest topics in medicine – only at Doc Gurley.

1) Who has the sexiest voice? (please report irregularities in fellow test […]