Soldier’s Heart – In Honor of The Last Tommy

While participating as faculty at the Book Passage Mystery Writer’s Conference, I had the pleasure of interviewing the award-winning author, Jacqueline Winspear, right after the death of the oldest living man, Henry Allingham, a World War I vet. Today, shortly after Henry Allingham’s passing, the man known as the Last Tommy, Harry Patch, also passed […]

Lost Tampon: The Music Video

One of the most popular Doc Gurley posts is New Episode of Lost: The Tampon. Coming soon will be the World Premiere of our first Doc Gurley video – and you can now check out the amazing Krause music soundtrack on YouTube! Then head over to and get an earful of fun.


Double Dave!

This is a public service announcement: To our viewing audience – stay tuned while we attempt to reanimate your host. Doc Gurley learned today that Dave Barry (himself!) answered two (count them, two) of her Dave Barry for President Forum questions, and, faced with a double Dave, she did what any self-respecting fan possessing a […]

Playing Surgeon

I, Doc Gurley, spent the last two days playing surgeon. Eleven hours each day, I went into a temporary emergency tent and shivered over hot coffee. There were lectures, then practical skills stations where I did procedures on rubber dummies while pre-eminent surgeons watched and critiqued me until I got it right. Let’s just say […]

What It Feels Like…To Put Your Doc On The Spot

It’s a busy Tuesday, so I grab a chart and speedwalk to the next patient at the homeless clinic. On the table sits a woman with this huge stiff tent of hair and a bad case of body lice. She’s rocking with her arms across her chest. She’s hearing voices. She hasn’t bathed in […]