Dave Barry Alien Colonoscopy

Yes, my sweeties, we have (yet again!) gotten a question answered by Dave Barry himself (sound track: Doc Gurley maniacal cackling bwha ha ha) at the new and not improved Dave Barry For PresidentDaveBarrybookcover.jpg Forum. What, you ask, could it concern?

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Submitted by Area 51 from Roswell, NM [<–that’s me, that’s me, that’s me, Doc Gurley!!]
Q: Those of us who heard about your colonoscopy are dying to know–was your passport probed?

Answered 03/22/08 16:53:58 by Dave Barry [we know TO THE SECOND when he responded]
Which passport? I have dozens. I am outraged, and demand an investigation.

* * *

How does this concern your health, you ask? Hint: research studies have not proven that maniacal cackling once a week strengthens your diaphragm and minimizes non-essential relationships (friends, what friends?…). See other Dave Barry posts to document the inevitable downward spiral of Doc Gurley and her adoration of stalker tendencies toward Dave Barry’s Comedic Genius.

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