What’s with the Categories?


The Doc Gurley BOGUS Award–see the first BOGUS Award post, September 2007. BOGUS is an acronym that shifts from time-to-time to accommodate the traits of the recipient. Past winners earned their BOGUS award for (to cite two examples) a Bonehead, Overhyped, Groundless, Unverified Study, and for Bombastic Obfuscating and Grandstanding Under Scrutiny.

The Joy Habit–Joy empowers people. It is a source of energy that enables people to hope and plan and change their lives for the better. Spend some time around someone who is relentlessly negative and how do you feel–drained, right? More and more research shows that joy is not something that just happens to you, like a bolt of lightening out of the blue. Joy is, instead, a habit to cultivate. Negative thinking and despair are the crabgrass of our souls–weeds that take root and spread, sometimes to all areas of life. Joy, in contrast, is a soul’s rose–hardy when cared for, able to put down roots over time and withstand disease and extremes. Like a rose, however, your joy can become blighted from neglect or harsh conditions. We all need to tend to our joy–to prune away the badness, and to know that, even though it may look like a prickly bare root, if you invest time in a joyous outlook, gorgeous things will bloom, even in the harshest conditions. The Joy Habit are posts to help remind us all of the joy potential in our lives.

Insider Info–Ever wonder what goes on behind that nursing station desk? Ever wonder how to get the most out of your doctor? Look for these posts to gain some insider knowledge that can help you survive your healthcare.

Doc Gurley Lists–Hey, it’s a Top Ten World. Want some bullet points? Look at these posts for a different kind of take on a healthcare topic.

Practical Medicine–Here’s where you’ll find some practical, general tips on health issues. Be warned, however–this is not advice from your personal doctor (for more info on this topic, see Psst…Is This Real?)