Dave Barry Bonanza!

As both of my loyal readers can attest, I have a serious restraining-order level admiration for the comedic genius of Dave Barry. What does my husband think of this? Mr. Doc Gurley’s reaction is to give a sigh and roll his eyes so far back in his head that ophthalmologists nationwide are waiting with bated breath to see if they (the eyes, not the ophthalmologists) will be able to return to their original position. I sporadically submit questions to the delightful Dave Barry for President Q&A Forum – just to see if I can get one answered. That’s right! We’re talking actual Dave Barry words (whose sole purpose is to provoke a laugh), most likely created and typed by him,  for me (well, and the rest of the reading world), then transmitted across thousands of miles of mechanical cabling – almost like an actual conversation! If that, is, your standards for human interaction are remarkably pathetic low (wait, that distant rusty-weathervane eeka-eeka-eeka sound? I think that’s my husband’s eyeballs being stuck).* This week’s Dave Barry question/answer is a banner Joy Habit moment – see for yourself:

Q: The FDA just added a warning to all three erectile dysfunction drugs (cialis, viagra and levitra) – apparently they can cause Total Global Amnesia. Doesn’t this give new (and unfortunate) meaning to the phrase “mind-blowing sex”? What will your administration do about this?

A: About what?

Answered 09/05/08 10:09:41 by Dave Barry


*Perhaps some of you may be wondering if this kind of silliness isn’t just a tad unseemly in a person with a valid medical license, authorized disaster clearance, and a newly-minted trauma certification. If so, maybe it’s time to loosen up and wiggle your own Joy Habit a bit – ask yourself when was the last time you did something purely for the silliness of it all? Should you take a moment and cut loose this weekend – at least take five and dance like Ellen Degeneres in the privacy of your own home? If you do, notice how tiny bits of happiness can sparkle to life deep inside, just because you took a chance.

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