Health 2.0 SF Code-a-thon

It’s time to code! Last year I had the opportunity to give a talk and then be one of the judges for Health 2.0’s Code-a-thon. This year, there is a special theme, HealthE Habits, which is centered around building apps and tools to help people adopt healthy behaviors that they will stick with long term. This is a big interest of mine and really fits with an emphasis in healthcare for preventive care and dealing with potential health problems early – or possibly even preventing problems from ever existing.
The code-a-thon is a two day competition for developers, designers, health care professionals, biz dev people and entrepreneurs to rapidly brainstorm and prototype any kind of application that fits the challenge. It is free to enter and is set up to provide a quick intro to opportunities for wellness and disease prevention. There will be tech talks from sponsors, API presentations, and specific challenges that teams can choose to tackle. There’s also free food and some great prizes.
    * 1st Place: $4,000 + 2 passes to Health 2.0’s San Francisco Conference + chance to demo on the Health 2.0 stage
    * 2nd Place: $3,000
    * 3rd Place: $1,000
    * 4th: Four Runners Up $500
As one of the judges, I’ll be looking for solid solutions that can really impact people’s lives in terms of changing their behaviour and moving them more toward a healthier lives. Last year we saw some great, innovative projects ranging from tackling alcoholism, to new ways of tracking and monitoring the taking of medication. You can read my report about last year’s presentations to the judges here.
So if you have any interest at all please register!

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