Dave Barry’s Prostate

We love Dave Barry here at Doc Gurley (in a purely platonic, stalker fan, restraining-order kind of way).DaveBarrybookcover.jpg With teenager squeals and bouncing and hand-flapping, we share an actual response from His Daveness to Doc Gurley (O.M.G.) to a question I submitted to the Dave Barry For President Q&A Forum. Check it out while I go swoon:

Q: Dear Future Exam Recipient, Health care reform is uppermost in every American’s mind as we roll into the bounteous political-promise harvest season. What are you, as a presidential candidate, going to do about the dorky purple rubber gloves we doctors are now forced to wear? The old peachy “flesh” color gloves weren’t great. But it’s hard enough not sounding like Bozo while discussing your prostate…now we have to LOOK like a clown? As if bending over wasn’t bad enough, now you have to do it for someone with Jazz Hands.
Doc Gurley

A: When I am president, the medical profession will be required to come up with a new kind of prostate examination, wherein the doctor and the patient are separated by at least two rooms.
Dave Barry 11/26/07

For the crankypants people who want to know what this has to do with health, consider finding yourself a site like the Dave Barry for President Q&A Forum to read on a regular basis–especially if the headline news online makes you wonder what is the point of even getting out of bed at all. This year. Putting a smile on your face as a way to start the day is priceless–healthwise.

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