Brain-travel – get your summer vacation here!

Summer vacation is breaking out all over. But maybe not for you. Perhaps you’re trapped in a cube-farm, forced to play prairie dog just to stand up to stretch your legs. Perhaps you’re now struggling with life while the kids are out of school – and wishing you could be “off” too. Or maybe you’ve […]

How To Be A Hero

Randomly we hear in the news about a person who steps forward – often when others don’t – to take a heroic step of altruism. It was a shock to me to discover that my brother, this week, was that person. Dan, a teacher, was driving my young nephew after school when he saw a […]

Haiti Disaster: Why You Should Give In Order To Help Yourself

Image by Dr Stephen Dann via Flickr

Are your fingers hovering over the keys? Did you even go so far as to get out your wallet and look at your credit card? But then there were those little voices in your head, weren’t there? Not the kind that succumb to Abilify, maybe, but evil, […]

What ARE frankincense and myrrh? Prescription drugs?

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Check out the Doc Gurley article at SFGate on the seasonal topic of holidays and health – titled Frankincense and Myrrh: The Wise Men brought…healthcare?

“As carols waft throughout the malls, your ever-curious child, or ever-cynical teen, may be asking, “just what the heck are frankincense and myrrh anyways? Other […]

2009 Homeless Gift Guide

[Also published on Doc Gurley’s blog on SF Gate’s City Brights and Chronicle Health Section]

This time of year, no matter what your worldview, religion or culture, it’s hard, as you hurry past the homeless huddled on the street, to not feel like Scrooge. Whether you’re taking your family to the Nutcracker, or pounding the […]

Feeling A Tad Stressed?

If the holidays are making you feel as though your energy stores are being rapidly depleted, head over to Doc Gurley’s column at SFGate, Health for the Holidays: The 6 R’s of Self Care, for a 6-point, practical plan on how you can de-stress and improve your self-care this season. Because, let’s face it, […]