What percent of doctors should be sued? One-tenth? Three-fourths? All of them?

Here’s your multiple choice question to set the stage: what percentage of all physicians do you think should be sued for malpractice? Would you say one-in-ten doctors ought to be sued? Or one-third? How about every single one of them? Let’s make it one claim per doctor, nationwide. Does that sound reasonable? Keep in mind […]

Airline Fees At The Doctor’s Office

It finally happened. Last night, in a close vote along party lines, the Senate failed to block a scheduled 21% cut in Medicare pay to doctors. While there’s nothing less appealing than a doctor whining about their pay, keep in mind that this Medicare pay cut now means that your primary care doctor will be […]

Is There a Surgical Monopoly on Celebrity?

With Dr. Oz being feted at a gala, and Sanjay Gupta, a neurosurgeon, weighing in on lactose intolerance, I got to thinking. Why the surgical media-monopoly?

Don’t believe me? Line ’em up and take a count: Mehmet Oz, Nancy Snyderman, Manny Alvarez, Atul Gawande, and Sanjay Gupta (surgeon, surgeon, surgeon, surgeon, and…oh wait, what a […]

9 Ways Docs (including this one!) Stay Healthy While Traveling

Check out the Doc Gurley SFGate article on this topic, bursting with tips on how you and your loved ones can stay

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healthy this holiday season. H1N1, food-borne illnesses, falling behind on your exercise, deep-vein thromboses, “staycation” issues – it’s ALL covered in this comprehensive round-up of practical health advice. Feel free […]

Booby Prize

Feeling annoyed, angry, confused, nay, veritably pissed off about how your breasts have become a punching bag for various groups? Are you wondering exactly what’s behind the battle of the sumo-sized egos when it comes to the new United States Preventative Services Task Force recommendations

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to NOT screen women in their forties […]

Doc Gurley Interview – Good Medicine, Bad Drugs…

Check out the Doc Gurley interview over at D. P. Lyle’s website. For those who don’t (yet) know, here’s D. P. Lyle:

D. P. Lyle, MD is the Macavity Award winning and Edgar Award nominated author of the non-fiction books, Murder and Mayhem, Forensics For Dummies, Forensics and Fiction, and […]