Saving Your Health When You’re Losing Your Home

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Studies show that many people faced with home loss and housing uncertainty can take a tremendous hit to their health. If you’re going through difficult times, and worried you too may lose your home, what can you do to try to buffer or reclaim your health?

Here are some tips for […]

Back to school special: 10 tips to avoid head lice

While the back-to-school news may cover lots of articles about how to treat head lice, there just aren’t very many about how to prevent it. Other than, of course, the tired and true obligatory phrase: “don’t share combs or brushes.” I’m not sure about you, but I don’t see that many kindergartners fluffing and tossing […]

Lady Gaga’s claim: Can you actually be an “occasional” cocaine user?

The last two days’ news have made it feel like cocaine week: President Obama finally signed a long-overdue law equalizing mandatory sentencing between powder cocaine and crack cocaine users. On a truly tragic note, a 21 year old UC student is reported to be brain damaged and living on life support after lying for three […]

Declare Your Health Independence!

Are you tired of discovering that your McNuggets and Silly Putty have more in common than just garish packaging? Are you starting to wonder about how you’ll ever get that jiggly pad of lamprey-fat to detach itself from your formerly shark-sleek sides? Or maybe you’re feeling Lombard-Street short-of-breath…when you stroll along the Marina.



Spring Cleaning Shame

It’s the time of year when spring cleaning actually seems attractive. The sun is sparkling, the windows beg to be opened.

But what if you’ve got so much stuff the whole idea just makes your stomach knot up? What if you’d love to wipe down those walls, but you know you would have to […]

Beating the Binge – Affordable Help for Sufferers

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There’s nothing better than a practical bit of effective help for a health problem. Except when it’s affordable – that’s when the news is superb! When it comes to binge eating, there have been very few effective treatments to offer. And the ones that existed were often long-term and expensive. In […]