A Keeper of a List

Here’s something everyone should have tucked away for future reference – a superb list of the Top Ten

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health search engines in existence, with details about their strengths and weaknesses. Why would you want this list (especially if you’ve never used a health search engine)? These resources are how you find out […]

Five Things To Do For Your Health This Month – January

Health is the catchword for January. Articles and ads exhort us to live healthier, make changes, do more. Here are five simple things you can do this month to launch your healthier year:

1) Declutter your kitchen – January 3rd is Fruitcake Toss Day, and January is Oatmeal Month. Clearly these are a sign that […]

Disinfecting the Doc…

We here at Doc Gurley were more than a tad bit dismayed to find a stinky lump of programming coal in our Christmas stocking. It

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appears that someone inserted a tiny amount of pustulant code on our site on October 28. This bit of bytes silently festered until Christmas Eve. […]

Doc Gurley Second Annual Homeless Gift Guide

Ahh, there’s nothing more fun, or easier, than shopping for holiday gifts for the homeless (rub palms

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together with glee). And believe me, this kind of statement is strong praise indeed, coming from someone with a near-lethal shopping allergy (hey, I’ve been tempted to put it in my medical […]

The 12 Days of Urban Christmas

Wondering how exactly a small act can result in a permanent change in your worldview? Read on to see how it can work:

On the first day of urban Christmas, a street bum said to me, “Got any spare change, buddy?” But I’m not a

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cash hand-out kind of […]

5 Reasons To Give A Gift To A Homeless Person

So it’s 11 days to Hanukkah, 2 weeks to Christmas, 15 days to Kwanzaa. Welcome to the first of three related

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posts – here are the top five reasons to give at least one personal gift to a homeless person this holiday season:

#5) No one’s easier to buy for. It’s the […]