Feeling A Tad Stressed?

Stress for the Holidays

If the holidays are making you feel as though your energy stores are being rapidly depleted, head over to Doc Gurley’s column at SFGate, Health for the Holidays: The 6 R’s of Self Care, for a 6-point, practical plan on how you can de-stress and improve your self-care this season. Because, let’s face it, it’s a basic fact of physics – unless you recharge, you can’t keep putting out energy. Now is a great time to take steps to minimize the wear and tear on your most precious resources: your body, your relationships, and your spirit:

Do YOU have some practical, inexpensive de-stress tips for the holiday season? Share them in the comments section below. And if you’ve got family or friends who sound like they’re fraying under the strain of the season, be sure to forward them a link to the Health for the Holidays: Self-Care article. And if you’re looking for real-time, fun tips to nurture your personal Joy Habit, sign of up for the Doc Gurley joyhabit Twitter feed!

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