The Poll Votes Are In!

If you had a chance to watch Grand Rounds LIVE!, you may be wondering what were the four different poll results. Here, for your reading pleasure, we’ve got the answers to the latest, greatest, hottest topics in medicine – only at Doc Gurley.

1) Who has the sexiest voice? (please report irregularities in fellow test takers to the proctor proctologist)
Mehmet Oz – 0%
Sanjay Gupta – 6%
Atul Gawande – 4%
Any surgeon promoting primary care without knowing anything about it – 90%

2) What pair best embodies the modern-day relationship between doctors and nurses? Bonus points: Discuss (extra credit for neatness)
Cheech and Chong – 13%
Aniston and Jolie – 54%
Oprah and Dr. Phil – 34%

3) To what circle of hell should all ICD-9 codes be dispatched?

Dante gazes at Mount Purgatory in an allegoric...
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338 Pain, NOS – 11%
Purgatory rejected; insufficient documentation – 83%
E906.8 ‘gored by animal’ or ‘pricked by porcupine’ – 3%
E912 Bean in nose – 3%

4) Which visual motif most closely represents nationwide efforts to reform healthcare? [WARNING: Wrong answers will be deducted from your total score]
Someone kicked the anthill – 33%
Slugs floating belly-up in a puddle – 26%
Buzzards, spotting an overlooked bit of gristle – 41%

And if you didn’t get a chance to vote? Weigh in with a comment below!

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