Soldier’s Heart – In Honor of The Last Tommy

While participating as faculty at the Book Passage Mystery Writer’s Conference, I had the pleasure of interviewing the award-winning author, Jacqueline Winspear, right after the death of the oldest living man, Henry Allingham, a World War I vet. Today, shortly after Henry Allingham’s passing, the man known as the Last Tommy, Harry Patch, also passed away. Jacqueline Winspear’s detailed historical research about WWI and its effects permeate her wonderful Maisie Dobbs books, bringing that era to life. In this video interview, Jacqueline discusses both Henry Allingham and Harry Patch – her stories will take you back and let you feel what it was like to serve in the trenches with Harry. She answers such questions as – what is a diagnosis of soldier’s heart? How many Americans have it? Do you? Is sound a weapon of war? And what do our politicians owe our vets? Watch it, enjoy and pass it along – and, by doing so, share the lessons both these men’s lives embodied.

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