Can A Finance Article Help Your Health?

MP Dunleavey has gone where no other money advisor has gone before! She’s written a nice, sound article about how

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to Stress Less About This Recession. Perhaps, like me, you’re thinking the article will be about tips for saving, budgeting, or investing?

Um. No.

Instead, she wrote an excellent piece about managing the emotional stress this economy is inflicting on all of us. It includes good solid advice, practical tips, and a reasonable attitude – what more could you want?

My only (tiny) nit-to-pick? If being saturated with bad news is affecting your stress levels, I think reducing your exposure to that news (particularly when it’s about things you can’t control) is an important first step. This tip, unfortunately, wasn’t really covered. But all in all, a good review of all of us – head on over, check it out, and stress-less yourself today!

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