Great Article

It’s sometimes hard to find a decent health/science article that not only covers a topic well, but, as a bonus, includes practical advice–if you don’t believe me, check out the widely reported, abysmal, First Bogus Award-winner of 2008! For those looking for good news, and solid health-news reporting, here’s a great article to kick off your New Year’s resolutions, written by Siri Carpenter of Prevention. After you’ve read the article, consider putting it to use. Write out the list of steps you can take to find and maintain joy in your life, and put the list in your wallet. Take some time doing this–make your list nice, something worth keeping, and portable. Then, when you feel the crush of daily activities chasing you like a pack of hounds, mentally (or literally) pull to the side of the road, take out your list and see if there’s one item you can put to use right away. Check out this article, and feel the joy.

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