Great (hic!) Article

There are a lot of not-so-great health articles floating in the ether. It’s so nice when one comes along that’s well-researched, practical and interesting. Here’s a great article about (hic!), you guessed it – hiccups. Hiccups aren’t the world’s #1 public health menace (that would be, apparently, computer keyboards), but this article is so full of tidbits that both you and your kids might enjoy it. After all (hic!), who doesn’t get the hiccups? Bonus: Want to know two quirky personal hiccup facts about Doc Gurley? Click here for

Fun Fact #1: The amazing Gurley Mama (yes! the actual woman who brought the insanity of Doc Gurley forth into the world – but don’t blame her) can actually stop her hiccups. At will. She’ll even say, “here, I’m going to stop them” – and does! I swear it. It is incredible to watch. All my childhood years I would stare in awe and wonder as she did it, and beg her to tell me how. She just smiles a Mona Lisa smile and says “concentration, dear, that’s all.” Incredible woman.

Fun Fact #2: Doc Gurley’s first daughter hiccuped her way through the last couple of months inside the womb. We’re talking hours and days of never-ending tiny wee hiccups. It’s one thing to be tortured by your own hiccups (particularly when you’re so tired and dying to sleep) – it’s altogether weird to be feeling someone else’s go on and on inside your belly…Clearly we Gurley women have a thing for hiccups.

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