Ten Steps To Joy

Here’s a great slideshow from (of all places) Forbes. In this slideshow, you get a run-down of proven, effective ways to

An example of a social network diagram.
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increase your happiness – in 10 different steps. The information is surprisingly data-driven (meaning that it’s based on studies, as opposed to pure opinion) and most of it has been seen and verified in more than one study. The fact that this kind of article is appearing in Forbes says something about how much the downturn (ha! there’s a phrase!) has affected the financial sector.

The fact is, we all should be taking steps to shore up our precious happiness-capital now.  Some of these Forbes Steps to Happiness, however, are not so easy to create overnight (things like being the center of your social network, or choosing your friends based on their happiness levels – a dicey proposition now, if there ever was one!), but other steps are extremely practical and easy to implement right away – such as obtaining skills for coping (mastering your budget if you’re financially strained, for example) and starting a gratitude journal. Check it out, choose one to do, and then- hey! – you’ve already got credit for obtaining coping skills. You’ve instantly increased your joyness!

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