Gurley Guts

If you’d like a fun listening experience (and who doesn’t?) head on over to Nei Jing Now! It’s a fabulous wellness site

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with in-depth audio shows every two months.

[Motto: Demystifying Medicine; Cultivating Resilience; Empowering Host Resistance.]

The latest Nei Jing Now! episode deals with all things gutsy – and stars our […]

Healthcare Reform: Complicated? Or Not…

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When people talk about healthcare reform, what starts as a policy question often deteriorates into a Tower-of-Babel cacophony of confusion. Everyone’s talking about something different. And, frankly, it’s hard to know how to make things better when no one knows where they’re headed. So do I know where we […]

Smacking and Farting

Gum and Guts: Here’s a nice review of studies showing that smacking sugarless gum after bowel surgery aids in the return of gut-function. For those of you who’ve survived gut-surgery, you already know that one of the more surreal aspects of the experience is the post-op early morning routine. There you are, groggy and slightly […]

Hope and Death

Here are twin news items that strike a powerful chord. First up is a report looking at whether or not doctors are willing to tell patients that, in essence, the game is up. A study shows that only one third of terminally-ill cancer patients say they have a doctor who has discussed end-of-life care. There […]

I’m NOT going to suck it up

AP News issued a warning to consumers to switch to the new kind of inhalers before the end of the year. In Understatement Of The Year Award-winning fashion, the article states that the new inhalers “tend to cost more.” If you, like me, are appalled at the FDA’s decision to ban generic production of asthma […]

Still Fondling the New Year’s Resolutions?

If so, check out the audio version of the Doc Gurley New Year’s Resolution article. You can go to your own, personal, leather-seated, ladder-racked, mahogany-paneled library of Doc Gurley podcasts on U.K.’s Global Local Radio just by clicking Bookmark the site, let your family and friends know where it is (in case you get […]