A Keeper of a List

Here’s something everyone should have tucked away for future reference – a superb list of the Top Ten

A&E sign common in the UK.
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health search engines in existence, with details about their strengths and weaknesses. Why would you want this list (especially if you’ve never used a health search engine)? These resources are how you find out where your cousin in Macon, Georgia can go to register for a clinical trial for his rare, severe non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (even though his overworked rural clinic says they don’t know about any). These are the sites that will translate for you the words “meralgia paresthetica” which you find scrawled on your crumpled emergency room discharge sheet after you’ve been rushed out the door at 3am with only the words “you’ll be fine” ringing in your ears. This is even where you can find a succinct PowerPoint presentation on something as practical as “Neckbrace Design in Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS).” All available to you, the public. Keep it tucked away somewhere safe, or, better yet, start trolling and share the gold-nuggets of information when you find them!

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