Well Worth It: Cancer-Blocker for Smokers

There have been some great science reviews of practical tips recently! Here is the third of four proven, data-driven studies that you may not hear much about in the main-stream media (usually because of a lack of profit-driven PR). Be sure to forward the Well Worth It information along to those you care about who might benefit from the information! And stay tuned this month for more.

3) Crunch Away Lung Cancer: In a perfect world, we would all be able to quit smoking the minute we got the urge. And every quit-attempt would stick. Since we happen, however, to live in the real world, is there anything you can do, for yourself, or your loved one, to reduce the risk of lung cancer until (and after) that quit-attempt sticks? Here’s a nice

Broccoli, cultivar unknown
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well-worth it, researched intervention that we all can use – eating more “cruciform” vegetables can dramatically reduce the incidence of lung cancer. Specifically in smokers. Specifically by eating raw veggies like broccoli. While eating cruciform vegetables has been known to benefit smokers in numerous studies, this study teased out how much, which type, and who benefits – and is pretty impressively designed. How big a benefit are we talking about? Well, how would you like to know you could reduce lung cancer risk by 20-55% – just by crunching on some raw veggies now and then? That’s whopping good news! No side effects (well, perhaps some gas, but your guts are really just showing you their pleasure at your healthier diet!), minimal cost, and hey – great taste! Cautions: NOTHING reduces your chances of lung cancer like stopping smoking – that is really the bestest thing to do. So don’t get discouraged, or think broccoli can “save” you. Quit if you can! Bottom Line: Munch, crunch a bunch. Then munch crunch another bunch.

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