Waist Management and Cancer

With the weather luring us outside, here’s another prod to succumb to temptation and get moving: a report showing that certain kind of body fat are worse than others – specifically waist measurement and your risk of cancer. Abdominal girth and heart disease risk have been linked in many, many studies – but this is one of the first to link it to increased cancer risk too. If you’re feeling the urge to move, then go for it, and nurture that urge by reinforcing all the ways you feel more alive when you move. Keep in mind that all movement is good – walking fast enough to puff is especially effective and, generally, injury-free. Some studies have shown that (especially if you’re a post-menopausal woman) a little weight lifting (30 minutes three times a week) can have a dramatic effect on reducing your belt size. Got a bunch of calls to friends to return? Grab your phone and go (hey, if you’re a friend of mine, a little heavy breathing into my ear is okay – especially if it’s keeping your healthy).

Got more tips on how to work movement into your…well, work? Add them to the comments section, below.

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