It’s the Wright thing to do

Doc Gurley is off this week giving a talk about homelessness and HIV at the Wright School of Medicine in Dayton, Ohio. But she is also thinking of you, her readers so she didn’t want to leave you completely in the dark. So here is a little retrospective of some of the ‘best’ Doc Gurley posts of the past few months presented by the faithful Doc Gurley robotronic content selector….

There was the whole tragic Heath Ledger death- how and why it happened – and what to do to prevent it happening to someone you know.

Then there was diet soda and the new study that suggests it actually causes weight gain – which Doc Gurley discussed two months before it hit the mainstream media – see, you get the news here first…

Another sad moment was the passing of Dr. Judah Folkman, one of Doc Gurley’s teachers – and Doc Gurley discussed the biggest lesson he taught her – how to break bad news.

And there was the piece published in the SF Chronicle that Doc Gurley wrote about pharmaceutical companies’ water pollution issues – and Doc Gurley’s suggestion for how they can clean up their act.

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