Doc Gurley Outed–She’s the Anti-Claus

This week’s Sunday San Francisco Chronicle includes an article by Doc Gurley about how to give a gift to a homeless person. Heavily edited due to space constraints (despite the impressive amount of space they gave me–when I get inspired, I go for it, but there’s only so much space on a Sunday paper page…), and with a headline I’m not so thrilled about, nevertheless, I’m hoping this article will inspire people to give to the most lonely and destitute during this season of sharing. If you’re looking for tips on how to safely give a gift, and what to give, check it out. For the Scrooge holdouts in the audience, keep in mind that studies have shown that random acts of kindness (regularly performed!) actually benefit you. So get inspired to do a premeditated, selfish act of selflessness this holiday season!

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