Weigh In On The Sanity of Doc Gurley!

daisy_chain.jpgHere’s your chance! Read the article in either the San Francisco Chronicle, or the unedited version posted here, titled America–Most Expensive Pee In The World, then weigh in on the sanity of Doc Gurley–does she really think Big Pharma’s going to clean up its water-contaminating act?

Vote for one of the following: 1) clearly, she drank too many cups of steroids tea–she’s really lost it if she thinks Big Pharma will ever do something like this, or 2) yeah! she’s right! let’s write letters! let’s call our representatives! let’s dance in a circle with (estrogen-saturated) flowers on our heads! or 3) the only thing for certain, after publishing this post, is that Doc Gurley’s chances for a Lily Pharmaceutical “honorarium” have gone down the toilet faster than a $4 dose of Cymbalta.

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