Doc Gurley – Overlawyered!

Head on over to to see Doc Gurley, Lawyered Up! Her recent SFGate post article on whether or not genes should be patented-  “Who Owns You?” – got chosen and cited in Overlawyered’s weekly round-up of issues.  While you’re there, check out the site – it’s one of the longest running blogs, and chock full of the entertaining, the tragic, and the infuriating – all the components of a great blog. How long has this site been providing quality posts? 10 years! – that’s like, like…geologic time in blog years – we’re talking a depth that leads to diamond-formation. Walter Olson of the Manhattan Institute wins Doc Gurley’s Quality Blog-gevity Award (hey, is there a gene for that?). Check it out.

San Francisco Chronicle
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