BOGUS Happy Sperm

In the journal of Make Sh*t Up…oh, wait, I mean the Journal of Bioscience Hypotheses…an author throws out an idea (completely divorced from any reality) and then the news – specifically LiveScience and Fox News – report it as scientific fact. This latest pseudo-science reporting is so BOGUS, it almost makes those of us here […]

Giggling Gorillas, Chuckling Chimps

There were several neat articles this week about whether or not animals actually laugh. I got a real charge out of it – the idea that chimps chuckle when tickled, that even gorillas can guffaw – and then we got to the part where a cat’s purr is called a laugh, plus the claim that […]

What A Boob

We here at Doc Gurley were hoping, like most people, to just ignore the latest, clearly BOGUS pseudo-science news.

Unfortunately, such was not to be – the Atlantic article by a (self-described as rage-filled-about-the-act-of-breastfeeding) mom, who claims that – really – there’s no good data to support breastfeeding – just won’t die. Go on any


Grand Rounds-Read All About It!

There are few organizations that have retained their good name and great works like the American College of Physicians

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has (ACP is the alternative to the AMA in many people’s books). With that same integrity, incisive style, and thoroughness, the ACP delivers a great Grand Rounds this week – all […]

Baby Bogus

A New Year’s BOGUS has been born! (is it just me, or did that happen awfully fast?). And let me tell you, this

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one is a ten-pound whopper with a stinky diaper chock-full of…well, you get the idea. An “evolutionary biologist” published an actual paper asserting that the […]


In a story that has gotten surprisingly little media coverage, a doctor from

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Colorado will go on trial for the suicidal death of a 19-year-old Stanford student. Why should this story have gotten wider coverage? Because the Colorado doctor prescribed Prozac to the located-in-California 19-year-old, without ever seeing or talking to him, […]