Kudos To Sports Illustrated

Hey – you’re probably thinking that something’s deeply wrong here. Isn’t Doc Gurley constantly saying that we all should ignore/avoid/innoculate ourselves against Toxic-Bikini-Season-Syndrome [def: the annual spring-season onslaught of pseudo-human visuals in ads promoting unhealthy and potentially deadly notions and potions]? But here Doc Gurley is, giving a shout-out to Sports Illustrated – the ultimate unrealistic bikini promoters?

Day 56/365 - Hydroxycut
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Well, no need to rush around looking for the hidden body-pod. I haven’t (yet) been possessed by an alien

race.  And kudos are well deserved by Sports Illustrated for a researched, and somewhat chilling inside look at the performance/sports supplement business in their May 18, 2009 edition. Read it, and be forever changed. The article makes clear exactly how it is that Hydroxycut (now banned by the FDA) could have killed a healthy 19 year old in 2007 and the death wasn’t reported until 2 years later.  The author interviews a former automotive restorer who now manufactures supplements. Before buying any dietary, muscle-enhancing supplement, read it – the SI title says it all: What You Don’t Know Could Kill You. Considering how magazines struggle for ad revenue these days, SI deserves a major Two Stethoscopes Up for publishing this article.

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