A Celebrity At Doc Gurley!

It was with bated breath (and unruly paparazzi) that we awaited the arrival of the worlds’ most famous orange, plastic, pediatric brain-tumor-awareness-advocating lobster. That’s right, we’re talking about none other than the uber-cool Zippy The Lobster! And he’s here at Doc Gurley headquarters (fanfare blares, confetti falls, fans swoon)! Zippy arrived in his entourage-hat with Oklahoma pride seeping out of every crevice of his carapace. Zippy will be a guest blogger here for only the next few days, and he’ll be hitting some destination sights in the Bay Area – with a photo montage to share. But after a prolonged fling with some postal workers (where did Zippy go?), Zippy’s first order of business, like most of us travelers, was to get a shot of caffeine and a healthy, head-clearing California-cheering workout. Zippy is, after all, the ultimate hard-body.

Zippy says:

I didn’t realize the hills would be the color of sand. Cool…makes me feel right at home.

I got to be a guest barrista and learn how to make the ultimate cappuccino. Well, every coffee shop I visit is pretty sure they make the ultimate cappuccino. So whose is the best? Well, that’s kind of like asking which flower is the best, now isn’t it?

Here’s my workout – a spin class. How Californian. Is this a huge crowd of people, or what? I got introduced to them all.

Here’s Doc Gurley and myself, ready to go. I don’t want to break it to her, but she’s wearing my entourage-hat. You know, the one I spent the last four days nestled inside, traveling. These wacky humans. Far be it from me to say you shouldn’t put a used transportation device on your head.

This member of the class is an early brain tumor survivor herself. She’s everything we’re hoping for children – witty, strong and healthy. Look how well she’s doing!

Here I am, guest-instructing! Go, baby go.

Here’s a photo I took of Doc Gurley. She looks like she’s feeling the burn. Maybe even an inferno? Perhaps I should use the fire extinguisher? Hey, could I get a hand over here?

The class instructor, Sue, tells me not to worry, that Doc Gurley always looks like that in her classes. Here I am with Charlotte, who’s looking a lot more normal perky.

By the end, Sue has the whole class shouting, “Let’s do it for Zippy!” After class I got lots of offers for trips around the world. People really want to help when it comes to children and brain tumors. Tomorrow, after a good night’s sleep, I’m heading out to spend the day with my favorite people – kids! Stay tuned for more California adventures.

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