12 Ways to Cope

Check out this great article, which is (sadly) misnamed as 12 Depression Busters, when, instead, this is really

February 2, 2007
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twelve ways to cope. Why the picky-seeming Doc Gurley distinction? Clinical depression is a serious issue – and not something that people generally “bust” through willful effort. The person who’s writing this article sounds like she’s clearly on the other side of her depression and sharing her ways to maintain mental/emotional health. Or, as the author says: “I consult these 12 techniques when I panic, when I get pulled into addictive behaviors, and as armor in my ongoing war against negative thoughts.” Re-naming the article shouldn’t take away from its value, however. We can all use tips on how to see ourselves through difficult times, or how to hold tough in our commitment to change behavior. And once you read this article, you’ll recognize how little we see this type of information in our popular media – which makes this one article both useful and rare. Forward the link along to friends. You never know who’s quietly struggling with demons of their own…

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