Joy: Is Your Legg Stanky? Why Not?

Here’s a great argument for not overthinking the sources of joy that pop up in our lives. It’s a passionate defense of the

An action shot of a slam dunk.
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new dance move, the Stanky Legg, with some great video clip links so that you too can learn how to Lean Into It . I dare you to watch Nate Robinson’s winning slam-dunk (and his Stanky Legg afterwards) and not smile! The healthcare providers among us may be wondering about the name – Stanky Legg? Don’t they market a drug for that – oh wait, that’s restless legs…not exactly the same thing at all.

What’s the argument against Stanky Leggs? The age-old concern about corruption of our young. It’s true, we should all consider the influence that the media is having on our growing (or stagnating) minds. But sometimes, you’ve got to avoid getting morally constipated.

Excuse me, I’ve got to go move my thang…

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