Giving Thanks…Getting Joy

As we cruise toward Thanksgiving, one of the best ways to give thanks is to honor someone else – and we

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have a great way to do just that during Thanksgiving Day’s Mandatory Digestion Break – you know what I mean, that time-period when everyone is draped like pythons around the room in a swollen daze. Furthermore, if you miss out on this chance (and you’re like me) the deadline to participate might get lost in the post-Thanksgiving/pre-Christmas/Hanukkah crush.

Here’s what you do: Pull together a pile of Christmas cards (maybe that pile of mismatched ones from years past that are still in primo condition). Get the kids out from under your feet while you’re cooking by asking them to address and stamp envelopes to-

Holiday Mail for Heroes
PO Box 5456
Capitol Heights, MD 20791-5456

Then, during the Digestion phase of the day, get everyone to write a big note of thanks and cheer to our well-deserving troops. By doing so, you can both thank a holiday hero, and, by one small act of profound gratitude and kindness, BE a holiday hero to someone else!

There are some pretty strict rules – all so cards can make it past inspection (for security reasons). The deadline is a fast-approaching December 10 – so Thanksgiving is a great time to give thanks, and get joy. For all the details, go to the American Red Cross site, where you can even download and print a card.

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