Zippy Takes City Hall By Storm!

City Hall in San Francisco is a place of power, fame, and politics. Although a lowly lobster might quake (as strongly as a 1906 shocker) at the idea of venturing into such powerful currents, Zippy knows no fear when it comes to advocating for his kids with brain tumors. So how far will a small magenta lobster go to get his message across? Just how much daring does Zippy have?

Outside City Hall, Zippy discovered some of San Francisco’s famous artwork – he loved the global view of this piece, and the chance to show off his travels.

Zippy already knew, from the impressive sight of City Hall, that he wanted to knock on the Mayor’s door. But could Zippy – a small creature – do that? Zippy headed over to Herbst Theatre and the War Memorial Opera house, giving himself some time to work up his nerve. At the San Francisco Opera House, he met the nicest people, Jamie and Tony, who are with the Association for Disabled Veterans, Enterprise Post 236 – a post amazingly based right inside this San Francisco architectural treasure. Tony is Commander of the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Just meeting him (gulp) gave Zippy the courage to tackle anything.

Even so, San Francisco’s City Hall is kind of intimidating outside. And more intimidating inside. Here’s Zippy in the atrium, jaw firmly set, determined to do his job.

Here Zippy is getting a little water for his dry throat – even the public water fountains are swanky.

So what happened when Zippy strode into the Mayor’s Office? When it comes to kids with brain tumors, people couldn’t be any nicer. Everyone wants to lend a hand and make sure the word gets out that kids need help. The Mayor’s Office made sure that Zippy got something no one ever gets – the photo-op of a lifetime! Zippy got a personal tour of the Mayor’s private balcony overlooking Civic Center Plaza. Look at that view! There’s the Asian Art Museum on the left, and the new Public Library on the right! Very few humans ever get a chance like this, much less lobsters.

Outside City Hall was the ABC/KGO TV newsvan.

Inside the van, the famous TV anchor, Carolyn Tyler, when introduced to Zippy and his cause, said, “Let me see that lobster,” and landed a big fat kiss on Zippy’s cheek. Cameras flashed.

Doc Gurley had to carry Zippy home – there were tiny cartoon birds tweetering in a circle around his head and he was too dazed to walk. In fact, Zippy acted so oddly that people at the clinic were worried, but Doc Gurley, with her keen clinical skills, diagnosed Zippy’s affliction.

Was it travel-vertigo? Was it decompression bubbles from overexposure to intense political air-pressure? Nope, it was none other than…a lobster crush. Lobster love, like Zippy, is tender at heart. He’ll be fine, just a little obsessed with newsvans for a while. Given all he did today, Doc Gurley has a prescription for Zippy – tomorrow might be a good day to relax and take in some sights. But will Zippy take her advice? Tune in and see for yourself.

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