Zippy Insider Info

Lots of people have questions about Zippy, so we thought we’d answer a few here at Doc Gurley:

1) Where does Zippy sleep?

Zippy loves camping, but he comes inside for any hint of bad weather – it messes with his styling gel. Here is one of his campsites.

2) How did Zippy take a picture of Doc Gurley. Isn’t he too little?

[Doc Gurley says: Bah. You’re only as small as you let people make you feel.] Zippy has a special camera. Here’s a photo of Zippy (when he was camped indoors), taking a photo of Doc Gurley. If you look closely, besides his camera, you can see his green toothbrush, his straw hat (hanging on the side of his Zippy-colored tent), his inflatable pink-daisy pillow (for guaranteed good dreams), his healthy snack on a pink plate, his money/passport holder, and his pink feeler-comb leaning against his toiletry bag. Zippy can pack it all into his biggest travel bag and be ready to go in a jiff.

3) Does Zippy go to school?

Zippy goes wherever kids go. He was so excited to find out that school was about to start again that he went school shopping. Here are his school supplies.

Wow – here Zippy is, running off, eager to get to class and see kids again – that little guy is speedy!

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