Saving Summer

Are you feeling the pressure of summer ending? Are you thinking about all the things you didn’t get to do? One of the most useful tips for developing a joy habit is to consciously “seize the moment.” In other words, deliberately take the time to cherish the positive. Now is the perfect time to bottle a bit of summer for yourself to savor later. So how do you do this? First, you want to avoid putting pressure on yourself or those around you – there is no “perfect” way to capture summer, and no “perfect” summer moment. Instead, let your mind roam and think of things about summer that make you smile. Is it sitting on a blanket with a sandwich in hand, ready to bite? Is it standing on a beach with your toes cold in the sand and your nose hot in the sun? Is it the smell of baking roses and the sound of static-y bees? Finally, if you can, grab your moment. Pull off to the side of the road at a local park and sit on a bench and hear the birds twitter – even if it’s only for ten minutes. Heck, consider lying in the grass (blanket optional). Even if your captured-summer moment is made up solely of the time you take to remember something good this season, that’s a great step towards building your Joy Habit. Seizing summer is free – the good is always there, waiting for you to take it, and priceless.

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