Junk Food Can Make Men Less Fertile

Electron microscope image of sperm.

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Finally some news that might actually have an effect on the rapidly increasing amounts of junk food that young men eat. In a large study at Harvard University and at The University of Murcia in Spain, researchers found that the sperm of young men who ate more junk food were poorer quality and less likely to fertilize an egg. There are lots of easy remarks to be made about how the double cheeseburger and fries doesn’t just slow you down, but your sperm too.

More seriously, this study is borne out by a similar study also just published from Japan that shows that moderate exercise can be good for a man’s sperm.

The joint Harvard/Murcia study also pointed to trans fats as particularly dangerous.

Of course, there are plenty of other good reasons to lay off the junk food – and the studies don’t discuss libido, just fertility, but it is hard to see how eating less junk food could hurt a young man’s libido.

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