Recurring Mouth Sores? Consider Gluten

There’s a neat new study that looked at people who get recurring mouth ulcers – and found that a small number have gluten sensitivity. What’s more, after these people were identified with blood tests, then biopsies, then stopped their gluten exposure, they had a marked improvement in their ulcers.

Large aphthous ulcer on the lower lip
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Here are the results – of 247 people suffering from recurring painful mouth ulcers (average age 33), 7 were found to have positive blood tests showing gluten sensitivity. All seven underwent biopsy of their guts (ouch) – and all seven were found to have gluten damage under the microscope. After modifying their diet to remove gluten, they reported marked improvement in symptoms.

The results (5%) were that authorities now recommend that if someone has recurring mouth ulcers, you should consider gluten sensitivity. “It has been reported that in 5 percent of celiac disease patients, aphthous stomatitis may be the sole manifestation of the disease.”

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