Is Conan O’Brien Killing You?

There’s an (ahem) eye-opening study this week looking at the reasons why Americans aren’t getting enough sleep. Turns out that, of those not getting enough of the good stuff, 50% of us are losing approximately 2 hours of sleep a night due to…TV. The article also notes that many of us are also getting up too early, in order to get to work. In classic science-geek-understatement, the authors point out that “the timing of work may not be flexible,” so cutting back on TV should be a first step. How important is it for you to TiVo Conan right out of your bed? Check out these nightmare-inducing stats:

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“Getting less than seven to eight hours of sleep daily can lead to impaired alertness and has been linked to higher rates of obesity, illness and death. Even so, up to 40 percent of Americans are not getting the recommended amount of sleep at night, according to the news release.”

Setting a goal for yourself and your loved ones to turn it all off two hours before your nightly deadline for being asleep is a cheap, (relatively) easy, and painless way to massively boost your health. Definitely Well Worth It material.

Bottom line: No matter how funny he is, he ain’t worth it. Click the Conan and get some shut-eye.

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