Now That’s a Mother…

Check out the Doc Gurley article at SFGate – the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle – where she discusses the amazing Mother Wright. Mary Ann Wright was a woman who was “right” is so many ways – a true everyday hero of our times. In the article, you’ll find not only a celebration of two altruism heros (as an antidote to the grim news of the world) but also some practical tips from their lives about how you too can make a difference – difference both for yourself and the world!

Image by MrClean1982 via Flickr

It’s an article that covers Practical Tips for your personal Joy Habit AND News From the Fourth World AND Mother’s Day – all in one!

And, in honor of Mother’s Day, Muchas Smooches to all the women who’ve given life (emotionally, spiritually, and/or uterinely). Mwah mwah – you rock.

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