Kudos for the General

In honor of tomorrow’s Veteran’s Day, here’s an uplifting story about an Army Major General who’s putting himself in a potential line of fire for his troops. How? He’s getting mental health counseling and talking openly about it. Fear of being stigmatized and passed over for promotions keeps many of the leaders of our military culture from seeking assistance after the psychological trauma of war and its sequelae. As the article points out, “‘You can’t expect a private or a specialist to be willing to seek counseling when his or her captain or colonel or general won’t do it,'” says Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The article states Adm. Mullen has asked military leaders this year to set an example for all soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines.The stigma of mental health problems runs deep throughout our society, but perhaps even more so in the military code of silence and “strength.” The article also goes on to state: “As many as one-fifth of the more than 1.7 million who have served in the wars are estimated to have symptoms. In a sign of how tough it may be to change attitudes, roughly half of those who need help are not seeking it, studies have found.” Our veterans have given up much for our country. Let’s celebrate the heroism of them, and of Army Maj. Gen. David Blackledge – who, even now that he’s back home, is putting himself out there for our troops.

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