Beginner’s Boost

Sometimes you find something divine on the web – just lying there, surrounded by mostly dull or destructive advice.

weight loss resort - Morning Beach Walk
Image by ninahale via Flickr

Nowhere is the dull/destructive approach more common than with the topic of weight-loss/exercise. As almost all of us struggle just to be healthy, why is it that the majority of articles are about how to achieve the “perfect” six-pack? Do we really need 2,861 articles about abs?

So what a joy it is to discover a superb article about a topic that’s woefully overlooked – how do you safely (and painlessly) start exercising if you’re heavy and your knees hurt?

While I object to the stigmatizing MSN-assigned headline, I give two-stethoscopes up to the article itself. It’s full of practical, encouraging tips, with a sound basis in fact (instead of profit-driven hype). You get the feeling, reading the article, that this is a person rooting for you to succeed. Kudos to the practical, accurate and encouraging advice given by Martica Keaner.

Pass the link along to anyone you know that might be tempted by our annual upcoming  “Bikini Season” deluge of bad weight-loss advice/products. You could save yourself, your family and friends a lot of heartache, money, and possibly damage from ill-advised ad-vice.

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