Good and Green

I was immensely flattered to be named a hero-of-the-week at Tonic News in their Green Dimes section.

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Annie Scott referred to me as “the Dave Barry of medicine.” For those of you who’ve followed my Dave Barry obsession (I’ve had the shakes ever since they closed the Dave-Barry-for-President forum), you’ll understand why her lovely compliment had the effect of making me briefly wonder if there was a Miami restraining order in the works (“really, officer, I am him, he is me, we are one”…). The absolutely best thing about being named, however, is discovering a wonderful new site. Tonic Green is an elegant, info-packed site devoted to “Making It Easy To Do Good And Green Things.” It’s well worth a prominent bookmark – think of it as a doctor-prescribed antidote to those sinking worries that tend to crop up at 3 in the morning (“what are we doing to the Earth?”). Instead of emotionally wrestling with anxiety, or dread, you can walk away from the battle and, instead, log-on and DO SOMETHING simple and effective. It’s wonderfully empowering, and important to your sense of hopefulness and joy. Tonic Green scours away the creeping crud of hopelessness and acts, well…like a tonic! Now there’s a supplement that’s both safe and effective. We are, after all, the custodians of our environments, both internal and external. In our custodian roles, think of Tonic News as the place where you can find some really nice, effective cleaning supplies – hey, can someone pass me the rolling mop-bucket?

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