Truly Happy Holidays

We here at Doc Gurley are gearing up for the season of simmer – simmering cocoa, simmering turkey gravy,

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and simmering emotions. So how do you and yours lay the groundwork to have a Truly Happy Holiday season, despite the air being thick with steaming clouds of (sometimes spontaneously explosive) energy? How do you hang onto joy when you’re churning from task to task? Well, to get ready for this season, we like to unpack all the goodies we stored away from previous years – you know, the ones worth hanging onto – and put them up as reminders. Sometimes it’s a reminder of basic truths we already know (yes, we all are, in at least some small way, blessed) and sometimes it’s a new way of looking at something we’d started to take for granted (taking a tiny moment to appreciate the beauty around us can change your entire day). So here’s a lovely article full of similar nuggets – Ten Ways To Be Happier, from Healthy Living. I can’t swear that the information is data-driven – in fact, a fair bit of it feels like personal advice from someone who’s struggled with the issue of nurturing joy. Even so, it’s nice to look over, and see what someone else has discovered is worth keeping. Here are the ten tips:

1) Start with profundities; 2) Do let the sun go down on anger; 3) Fake it til you feel it; 4) Anything worth doing is worth doing badly; 5) Don’t treat the blues with a “treat”; 6) Buy some happiness; 7) Don’t insist on the best; 8)Exercise to boost energy; 9) Stop nagging; 10) Take action;

Why not pick one of these tips and test-drive it today – let us know how it worked for you (or didn’t) in the comments section below!

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