Happy April Fool’s Day!

In honor of the day of silliness, here are some of our favorite April Fool’s day tricks that circulate throughout the year:

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1) Winner of the Most Enduring Bit of Foolishness Award: The idea that you can eat your way to a flat belly. This kookie concept just won’t die…(or flatten).

2) Winner of the Persistent Pathos Award: The idea that plant-based chemicals and drugs are somehow NOT chemicals or drugs  – because they’re natural. As the old saying goes, arsenic is totally natural (and deadly). It’s good to pay attention to anything you put in your body.

3) Winner of the Fast Ain’t Healthy Award: The idea that a frantic six-week starve is the best way to prepare for “bikini season.” Nothing is more beautiful than being healthy. Lose-it-fast means it gain-it-back-even-faster. The best way to get ready for “bikini season” is to nurture yourself, go slow, and get healthy. If you want to lose, sneak that weight off by tiny, persistent healthy changes (smaller portions, more exercise). That way your body doesn’t even notice what’s going on – and doesn’t go into starvation mode, clutching every calorie it can. Hang with your changes, and before you know it, it’s a lifelong healthy habit, instead of a “season”.

4) Winner of the Grouch Award: The idea that there’s no point to all the “airy fairy” gratitude/meditation/joy-habit hokum. Hey, if your life sucks, then your life sucks – right? Um, no. See, when people – even those in desperate circumstances – can find some gratitude, or nurture their joy, or focus on stress reduction, numerous studies show that they can actually cope better with what life has sent their way.

It just doesn’t seem likely that things so simple, so cheap and so widely available as taking care of yourself could work so well, does it? There’s an April’s Fool Day thought that’s not a trick at all.

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