Fidget Fitness

Here’s my kind of weight loss – and a nice, pragmatic follow-up to the Annual Bikini Bamboozle. Prevention magazine noticed that a lot of medical literature about weight deals with the way our daily lives prevent us from moving around. It’s not hard to spend entire days doing nothing more than a series of “sits” – sitting in a car, then sitting in an office chair, then sitting in a car, followed by sitting at home. The only movement for lots of us is the short daily walk to the car or bathroom or kitchen. Humans aren’t meant to live that way. Studies have shown dramatic differences in calories burned when movement is built into our days – so Prevention decided to put the theory to a real-life test. They used women whose lives sound eerily like mine. Read the article and see if some of their suggestions might work for you. My favorite was dancing as you dress in the morning – a mood lifter and calorie burner all in one!

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