Dog Lost – Dog Found

Ever stand in front of the bulletin board at the local coffee shop and see two side by side notes tacked up with pushpins? Dog Lost. Dog Found. Makes you want to call both and let them know things would work out much better if they just got together and compared info. Similar things happen on the great big Internet publications – sometimes there are eerie “Dog Lost” vs. “Dog Found” articles side-by-side. This week it’s over at Newsweek, which has two good articles – but both would work better if they shared information. The first article is an interesting summary of a research finding in Genome Biology about how loneliness can alter the activation of certain genes in humans, resulting in more sickness. The key factor is the person’s perception of loneliness – not the actual number or quality of relationships. The second Newsweek article is about the Price of Perfectionism, particularly in women. The article deals specifically with how women with healthy lives, good friends, great kids, warm partners can still think of themselves as failures because of something like clutter. Or droopy breasts. Both the articles include some tips that address both issues – to volunteer to help disadvantaged others, to avoid negative thinking, and to, essentially, count your blessings. Hmm, definitely a Dog Lost – Dog Found pair.

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