His Daveness…AGAIN!

It was a grey day. I broke my fingernail. Sartre-like ennui pervaded my very soul, seeping through me like a miasma – much like the way an ominous green spill pervades a super-absorbent Hefty-brand towelette during Saturday morning TV ads. We’re talking a total soul suck. With a death-rattle sigh, I dragged my pale fingers across the keyboard. And then…

YES!! Another question answered by Dave Barry! Blinding light shone through the clouds! My husband stuck his fingers in his ears to avoid ear-bleeding high-pitched squeals!! I was transformed into a veritable 1950’s perky heel-wearing, mop-loving (how can she be so happy about cleaning products without pharmaceuticals?) wonder!

Q Dear Presidential Frontrunner, Will you be releasing your entire medical and psychiatric-evaluation records to the public (like McCain did in 2000), and, if so, what are you going to do about the highlighted footnote on page 327?

Answered 04/23/08 13:35:37 by Dave Barry

A: That was a consenting hedgehog.

So what’s the health-lesson here, besides a nationwide desire to get Doc Gurley some psychiatric help?
Well, that moment for me, that flip from listless, to nuclear-powered energy, that’s the power of silliness. That’s the reason to find your own Joy Habit, and indulge it whenever you get the chance. Find something that makes you smile, something innocuous and silly (fingerpaints hidden in a kitchen drawer? Joke-A-Day website?) and make it a habit. Think of it as stretching exercises for the soul. Feeling stiff and brittle? Time to limber up – with a little giggle every now and then.

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