Grand Rounds Gathering Here!

Grand Rounds in medicine often means a morgue-cold auditorium, a sea of starched white coats, and staccato squeaks from irritable chairs. Doc Gurley is hosting April 29th’s Grand Rounds of the medical blogosphere with a more WWF-type approach: Grand Rounds Smack Down Week. Do you want to take on a behemoth topic with some chest-beating frenzy? Or just climb into the Internet ring wearing your most outrageous verbal-costume? Here’s your chance to go for it. For anyone who’s still not inspired, keep in mind we’ll be posting the week of May Day (mayday! mayday!), otherwise known as International Worker’s Day. Please send your submission, the url of your post, and a short blurb of its contents by noon, Sunday, April 27th to docgurley (at) gmail (dot) com. Climb into Grand Rounds and full-body-slam a topic of your choice!

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