Maryland Gets The Lead Out!

We may be experiencing a new beginning in toy safety in this country–the State of Maryland’s house of delegates votedbabytoy.jpg 132-4 to begin its own state testing of toys for lead. Apparently, this move so worried China that Beijing sent a letter about the issue, challenging the state’s right to enforce international trade regulations. California, Illinois and Michigan have similar legislation pending. Lead testing of toys is one clear example when there should be governmental regulations–strict ones. However, no one thinks the federal government is going to do anything about the issue for years, and the problem is too pressing (and easy to detect!) to wait. A big Doc Gurley cheer to Maryland! It’s just a shame that individual states are having to step into the void left by this administration. All children should be able to chew their toys in peace. If you’d like more information about this issue, check out the Doc Gurley classic post “What If There’s A Recall…But I Already Ate It?”

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